Digital Solutions to Manage Every Part of Your PAC

Looking for a new cloud-based PAC management system? Maybe you’d like to upgrade your current technology for something else. Something with more functionality across devices and ease of use like Aristotle 360°, our government affairs database that makes PAC management and member communications a breeze, or Arena 360°, our mobile app that makes working in real-time everywhere you go, a snap. When it comes to fundraising, we have you covered there too with web-based conduit giving and contribution management.

Aristotle’s full line of PAC products are below and we’re adding new ones all the time. Please take a look and don’t be shy about scheduling a free demo. There’s nothing like getting a firsthand look at PAC technology in action.

government affairs database

Aristotle 360°


∴ Cloud-based database for compliance, email blasts, legislative tracking, communications, solicitations, credit card processing and more ∴

∴ Monthly updates and enhancements ∴

∴ Full metrics for financials, email blasts, outreach campaigns and more ∴


Fundraising Apps


∴ Process direct credit card contributions in the app and mobile via Aristotle’s ∴

∴ Send solicitation emails based on payroll deductions or credit card contributions ∴

∴ Conduit websites for direct legislative contributions ∴

government affairs mobile platform

Arena 360°


∴ Full Aristotle 360° integration ∴

∴ Mobile asset reporting that includes: district, state or municipal footprints, PAC contributions to legislators and committees, mapping critical client data for informational insight ∴

∴ Comprehensive meeting tool that allows you to look up your full history with the legislator or staffer and gives you the ability to schedule your meeting and then record any and all points from your interaction ∴

∴ Phone bank communications ∴ 


custom websites


∴ Election Center with a variety of GOTV content including: polling look up, legislative look up, RSS feeds and more ∴

∴ Dynamic pages with CMS for easy editing and updates ∴

∴ Custom webforms for contributions, newsletter sign ups and more ∴

contribution management

Political Contribution System (PCS)


∴ Sarbanes-Oxley compliant check request system ∴

∴ Fully auditable ∴

∴ Fully customizable, multi-tier approvals via email ∴

contribution management

web-based Conduit giving system


∴ Easily track all conduit giving and attributions ∴

∴ Create conduit checks and transmittal letters ∴

∴ Conduit compliance reporting via Aristotle 360° ∴