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From start to finish, Aristotle provides political technology and the highest level of professionalism to ensure your message is communicated to the electorate.

A Client Example

A senior senator with independent views knew another successful campaign would hinge not only on utilizing the most innovative tools in political technology but also managing the vast amounts of data acquired over the years.

How much more could you raise?

Professional fundraisers know this: always ask for the max. Your prospect has a number in their head. It’s the maximum they are willing to give. What is it? That’s where Aristotle’s deep data mining and powerful algorithms come in.  


Building a Custom Solution

The campaign turned to Aristotle for a nonpartisan, seamless solution. Pulling from Aristotle’s database of 190 million registered voters, the campaign isolated key demographics and applied a custom micro-targeting strategy toward them. From here, the campaign integrated field operations into the most powerful campaign management platform on the market.

Targeting and GOTV

A PACs Seamless Solution with Software

Early polls suggested the race would be close, so the campaign took advantage of the only vendor with 2014 general vote history for all 50 states to ensure the most up-to-date data was being used. The newly-pulled data was then run against existing campaign data to match individuals to over 500 demographic and consumer points, which created a unique voter profile of each constituent.

A custom analytics and modeling report was developed to track and evaluate GOTV efforts. Aristotle equipped the campaign with a full suite of solutions including communication tools, defined turfs to optimize walk list ordering, and assigned territories using the built-in geo-spatial selection tools, powered by Google Maps. The innovative Aristotle Mobile Processor (AMP)™ took the campaign to new heights by processing contributions anytime, anywhere and then automatically syncing to the campaign’s database. In conjunction with field efforts, a digital campaign was deployed to display targeted display ads, email blasts, and social media appends.


Aristotle’s Campaign Manager™ provides the ability to take contribution data and deploy it on a powerful campaign management platform. The campaign reached its full potential by combining the campaign’s accounting, fundraising, and compliance efforts into one seamless platform.


Campaign Manager’s responsive interface and powerful analytic tools unified the campaign’s strategic efforts while cross-referencing donor data. Doing so enabled the campaign to isolate previous donors along with first-time contributors.


With the unique capability to splice and combine multiple sets of donor data, the campaign was able to use comprehensive donor information to fit their fundraising needs. Campaign Manager’s output was cut into a myriad of different custom formats, manipulating the data to produce lists that helped define goals, identify likely donors and target untapped donors.


Aristotle’s experience and knowledge allowed the campaign to focus on gaining supporters, not FEC compliance regulations. Headed by one of the most respected compliance experts, former FEC Commissioner and Chairman David Mason, Aristotle’s compliance experts ensured the campaign was 100 percent FEC and state compliant every step of the way.

The Results

A computer program can only go so far, and with the demands of a campaign, it is imperative to have a fully committed team behind the program to help trouble-shoot and find innovative solutions to a problem. Aristotle has this team. From the most experienced campaign manager to the novice volunteer, Aristotle gives 100 percent individualized attention so that the campaign spends more time with supporters and less time worrying about technology. Not only that, Aristotle is quick to take suggestions on ways to optimize current programming and work on new ways for the system to improve. Perhaps the best way to sum up Aristotle’s campaign solution is to ask the client:
“I am extremely grateful for Aristotle’s solutions and customer support. I can say without reservation that it has improved our performance across the state and helped target donors in a way that has never been done before by our campaign.”

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