Our Strategy

Aristotle’s advocacy team understands each organization has different needs and that any successful grassroots effort is built on relationships. Simply put, we want to get to know you so that we can offer the most innovative, cost-effective and efficient set of tools to help your advocacy program thrive.

A Client Example

Aristotle was tasked with equipping an advocacy program with solutions to generate national support for a precise cause, and to ensure supporters took action by contacting their congressional representatives.

Tailored Solution

To help a leading advocacy organization remove a provision of a bill, Aristotle's consulting team quickly assessed the task and created a tailored set of tools needed to achieve their goal. Although the client had a robust data set, the organization knew the capabilities of Aristotle’s voter data and elected to have Aristotle create a custom target audience while the organization focused on crafting their message.




Congressional Fly-In


360 Action Center

The client created a list of champion advocates and unified constituent meetings by using Aristotle’s innovative fly-in service. From the initial email to a post-event thank you, a seamless process led to effective coordination and management. Utilizing accurate donor history allowed the program to be fully customized. To optimize communication efforts, Aristotle’s consulting division guided the organization in creating strategic outreach efforts.

Aristotle’s revamped Action Center was deployed to ensure their advocates were efficiently sending the right message to the right representatives. Advocates were empowered by monitoring legislation in real time to identify, target and influence legislators. A custom-designed website was built to integrate online advocacy into the campaign, which allowed the organization’s stakeholders to participate in the legislative process by giving them a quick and easy way to make their voices heard.

The Results

Leading Advocacy One

Over 130,000 Advocates

Leading Advocacy Two

With 72,000 Calls to Members of Congress

Leading Advocacy Three

More than 58,000 Emails to Legislators

The client reached over 130,000 advocates, with 72,000 individuals calling their member of Congress. Additionally, more than 58,000 emails were sent to legislators. In the midst of the effort, they were able to adjust the messaging when an especially harmful provision was added to the legislation. As a result, the client, in conjunction with their supporters, saw their end goal realized — the removal of that harmful provision and the successful defeat of the bill in question.

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