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Aristotle’s gives you complete access to the voters in your district 24/7 from your browser. You never have to rely on an outside vendor or pay for unwanted selects every time you want a label or walk list.

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Now you can instantly access a highly customized voter list, anytime. With the click of a mouse, you can set your criteria and search the most current list of voters. From over 190 million records, you may search as many times as you wish until you’ve narrowed the list down to super voters, absentee voters, party faithful or any other targeted group of voters you choose. To download in the format you need, simply purchase the list with a credit card. There is no charge to perform your searches and the information can be downloaded in the format you need right away.

The Only Source You Need

Providing you with the most up-to-date information, Aristotle sources the original files from more than 4,000 election boards, county clerks and voter registrars. Every one of the more than 190 million records in our files is checked for accuracy and completeness. We include all of the information maintained by the election boards — such as party affiliation, race, exact age, vote history and school board districts into our files.

A History of Experience and Innovation

Now you have the power to select and sort just the registered voters you want with Aristotle’s innovative online service,

America’s premier supplier of voter lists, Aristotle has been producing high-quality voter database tools for political organizations, campaigns, consultants and governmental agencies for more than fifteen years. is the most convenient, quickest and accurate way to engage supporters.

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