Our Strategy

Aristotle’s industry-leading solutions and award-winning customer support boosts PACs to new levels by understanding specific needs and then developing tailored solutions to achieve success.

A Client Example

A leading PAC approached Aristotle with one question: What solutions do you have to take our PAC to the next level?

Tailored Solution



During a program evaluation, our experienced consulting team evaluated the PAC's goals and then created a custom solution to elevate the PAC to new levels.


Custom Website

An intuitive website was created that integrated a full suite of PAC management tools. With the help of a dedicated account manager, five PAC events were managed all within one seamless platform. To avoid duplicate entries, the PAC integrated their grassroots program, which was done seamlessly through Aristotle's powerful Web-based political contact management system.



To maximize efficiency, the PAC handed off their compliance efforts to Aristotle’s outsourcing team, which is headed by former FEC Commissioner and Chairman, David Mason. An extensive audit ensured the PAC was in full compliance with all FEC and state procedures and regulations.

The Results

In just six months, the PAC saw their contributions increase by 35 percent.

Seamless Solution for PACs
“In our experience, Aristotle is the only solution that is an actual partner and not just a vendor. Day and night, weekdays and weekends, they provided the customer service and technical support that enabled us to execute the most successful PAC campaign ever. We wouldn’t have achieved this level of success without our partners at Aristotle.”

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