Instantly access highly customized voter, consumer and state contributor lists anytime, anywhere:

  • National voter file of over 204 million registered U.S. voters from all 50 states, enhanced with phones, emails, demographics and lifestyle information.
  • National consumer file of over 228 million individual records, enhanced with landlines, mobile phone numbers and email addresses.
  • State contributor file of over 117 million donations.

Define Your Universe | Select from the most accurate voter lists available on the market.

Export Your Universe | Download your lists in Excel/CSV or DBF with only a few clicks.

Reach Your Audience | Complete ownership of your list enables full control of your data.


Now Available:

North Carolina Legislative and Pennsylvania Congressional Lines Updated vote history and new registrants Also check out our machine learning models

Data Services

Data Solutions

team1 Databases | Use Voter Lists for polling samples, mail lists, emails and more. Offline: business and international data, expatriates and specialty lists.
  • National Voter File: Over 196 million
  • National Consumer File: Over 210 million
  • National Donor File: 100 million donations
webMock Data Services | Perform enhancements on your lists that give you game-altering resources you didn't know were possible.
  • Append phones, emails and/or social media
  • Match for voters, districts, donors
  • Mobile/DNC suppressions, NCOA/Dead
team2 Micro-Targeting and Analysis | Shed light on your contacts' lifestyles and behaviors for better results.
  • Profile-building, statistical analysis
  • Identify trends for micro-targeting
  • Consulting and strategy services
team1 Email and Digital Marketing | Reach your voters whenever, wherever to communicate your message at the right time.
  • Email acquisition, campaigns, targeting
  • Display/Facebook/Video/Mobile
  • Advanced: Lead generation, geo-fencing
webMock APIs | Seamlessly integrate our data with your technology using existing or custom APIs for voters, donors, phones and more.
  • Verified Voter: Real-time voter verification
  • Voter Lists: Our data in your portal
  • Custom APIs available
votermanager icon Voter Manager | A campaign manager’s dream. Easily and effectively map out, manage and track your voters down to the precinct.
  • Manage your campaign with visual insights
  • Canvass with turf-cutting and mapping
  • Update and track voter input and action