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Valid Data: The Key Ingredient to Successful Campaigns

VLO Screen ShotAs targeting plays an increasingly significant role in campaigns and political organizations, the validity of voter data is a key ingredient to a successful campaign. In fact, outdated or inaccurate data is worse than no data as the damage done by inaccurate data is often too much to overcome.

When buying data, three questions must be asked:

  1. What is the source of the data?
  2. How accurate is the data?
  3. How is the data enhanced?

Failure to find adequate answers to these questions could mean the difference between cleaning up after a victory party and returning those ‘victory’ shirts.

Fortunately, Aristotle has the solutions to elevate your cause to the next level!

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Political Campaign Fundraising

First, the obvious: running a successful campaign is EXPENSIVE.

The legitimacy of a candidate is directly proportional to the size of his coffers. If you are the candidate, out of political necessity, fundraising is and should be your priority at the beginning, middle and end of your campaign.

And at every stage in between.

However, as most of us learn from our parents at a very young age, asking for money is not as easy as it sounds. When designing a fundraising strategy, a candidate must consider: who to ask, who should be asking and how to ask. 

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How Effective is Your Message?

By: Brett Loyd
PAC and Fundraising Services

There are many different ways in which a PAC or grassroots campaign can test the effectiveness of a message. Whether you are looking to gain a monetary edge, build your base or inform your members of upcoming legislative activities; it is crucial to know the effectiveness of your message.

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The Wondrous Ways to Micro-Target Your Undecideds

By: Brett Loyd
PAC and Fundraising Services

Registered_VotersWhether you fancy a grassroots advocacy campaign or a PAC fundraising effort, don’t put the cart before the horse.

First things first: Establish a goal and refrain from being too hasty to flood the market with a broad, oversimplified message. There is a time and place for broadening a brand; however, when you are in the market for a targeted campaign, I suggest diving into your data!

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Smartphones and Politics: App Aims to Create Donation Transparency


Politics and technology are more intertwined than ever. A new proposed bill, the Real Time Transparency Act, introduced in the Senate by Angus King and in the House by Beto O’Rourke, would allow for real time disclosure of hard-money contributions to candidates, committees, or political parties that receive a donation of $1,000 or more.

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Early Bird Campaigning

Ask Early and Ask Often: the Benefits of an Effective Early Bird Fundraising Campaign

For all the PAC and political fundraisers out there… as you well know, 2014 is an exciting year – it’s an ELECTION YEAR! (For those of you who are not in the political sphere, this is like Christmas for fundraisers and politicos, the excitement is contagious!)

One item to add to your 2014 New Year’s resolution list is to develop an “Early-Bird” fundraising campaign today!

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Major Investors and PAC Fundraising

In our industry many PACs grant awards to their Major Investors. For example, a national PAC may offer the following awards to their donors ‘giving’ annually at the following levels:

  • Golden ($5000)Political Fund raising
  • Crystal ($2500)
  • Sterling ($1000)

PAC staff can access information and see trends in ‘giving’ on these special investors by:

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Making the Most of Your PAC: State Contributions and Reporting

By: Laurie Van Hall
Manager, PAC Outsourcing

You’ve gotten your Political Action Committee (PAC) off the ground. Your fundraising is working like gangbusters and you’ve even planned all of your federal giving for the next election cycle. Now what?

No matter where your business or organization is located (or where they’re active), there is no doubt that there’s a local issue, state legislative bill or campaign that you feel strongly about. What many people don’t realize is that you are able to make contributions to state or local candidates, committees and parties from your federal PAC. However, before creating your fifty state success plan, there are some things you should keep in mind.
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Enhancing Fundraising Through Technology

By: Brett Loyd
Account Manager, PAC and Fundraising Services

I’ve seen this before: two large entities fighting for control of their industry, both working towards the same goal but instead of cooperating, they end up sinking themselves in a fight for supremacy.

Fundraising and technology have long been at odds. Fundraisers have generally worked amongst the people, using social skills to foster success. On the other hand, data experts usually hold the position that clean, advanced technology will foster success. Both are valid points, which is why it is vital for fundraising and technology to work together, highlighting each other’s strengths.

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McCutcheon Super PAC Already Busts Limits; David Mason Comments on Case

“If the question is: Does the aggregate limit [on contributions] to candidates and party committees stop someone from spending all the money they want on politics? The answer is clearly no,” said David Mason, a former chairman of the Federal Election Commission and senior vice president at the political software and compliance firm Aristotle.

But that’s not the question before the court, Mason said. The justices must instead decide whether they agree with McCutcheon that the aggregate contribution limit poses no corruption risk to candidates or parties. McCutcheon, who’s been joined by the Republican National Committee in his challenge, argues it’s no more corrupting for him to give the maximum $2,600 to 17 candidates than, say, 18 candidates…

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