Updated Delaware Voter List™ is Now Available!

The most recent update of the Delaware Voter List™ has everything you need to know about the 637,000 voters of Delaware.

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Ohio Voter List™ is Now Refreshed with New Data

The Ohio Voter List™ have been updated, on Voter Lists™, giving campaigns access to crucial information, which will definitely play a huge role in their victory in a state where voters are always shifting.

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Wisconsin Voter File Update Now Available

VoterListsOnline.com is now updated with the latest voter data for the state of Wisconsin.

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Delaware Voter File Updated with 2016 General Vote History

Our latest voter file update for the state of Delaware continues to set Aristotle apart from the competition by having the most up to date information, and keeps our users on the path for victory no matter their cause or campaign.

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Virginia Voter File Now Updated on VoterListsOnline.com

The Virginia voter file is now available on VoterListsOnline.com, and has the most up to date information on state voters, which will help any campaign target the right people.

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VoterListsOnline.com Updated with New Alaska Voter File Data

The Alaska voter file offers access to information on the near 500,000 voters in Alaska, and offers comprehensive data solutions for all candidates and causes, no matter their goal.

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Kansas Updated Voter List Online Now Available!

VoterListsOnline.com has been updated for the state of Kansas which gives you access to the most current information on registered voters throughout the state!

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Updated Minnesota Voter File Now on VoterListsOnline.com

Now available on VoterListsOnline.com, an updated Minnesota voter file full of current voter data and improved targeting tools.

Our updated file can help any size campaign reach the 2.9 million voters within the state making targeting the right voters easier.

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Rhode Island Presidential Primary Data Added to VoterListsOnline.com

Our latest voter file update keeps all our clients at Aristotle ahead of the game with our many updates on voter data, including the most recent update for Rhode Island!

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Meet Voter Manager, Your Go-to GOTV Tool

After listening to the needs of our customers, our team knew we had to equip campaigns with a tool to take their GOTV efforts mobile while retaining the freshest data available on the market.

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