Using Buttons and Badges Effectively in a Political Campaign

Political campaigns can be tense and stressful. There is so much to do and often not enough time to do it. If you are a candidate or campaign manager, you should not be without a button maker machine. These machines will help you with some of the most critical areas of your campaign – getting the word out, addressing issues, and rallying support. Not only will buttons help acknowledge the issues and rally support, they will do it inexpensively and that is a word that any campaign manager likes to hear.

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Types of Presentations

The following is an overview of several common types of presentations and their purpose. Each presentation type requires a specific organization technique to assure they are understood and remembered by the audience. The suggested organizational structure is also provided.

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Track Your Voters

At its core, voter contact isn’t complicated. You need to make phone calls. You need to send mail. You and your volunteers need to get out into the street and knock on doors.

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Top 10 mistakes of Campaign Databases

In a modern political campaign, the campaign database is the single most important tool. The right database system will allow your campaign to run more efficiently and effectively. A good system will save time, increase the amount of funds raised, improve voter contact and may just make the difference between winning and losing.

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What Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and You Have in Common

There is no such thing as a natural born communicator. People in the public eye including executives, television hosts, and especially candidates for public office become “naturals” by practicing—and often with the help of a communication coach.

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Web-based Software in the Political World

Since the early days of professional campaign management, political operatives have been interested in data management — tracking voters, donors and opinion leaders have been key to a successful campaign. Early data management technology generally consisted of an alphabetized set of index cards.

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Why Newspapers?

There was a time when political and issue campaigns could buy 1,000 gross rating points per week of television advertising and be done with it. But today’s political climate is different. With so many choices for news and information, reaching voters with your message is becoming more and more challenging.

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Who Are Young Voters?

Young adults are taking action on key issues in communities and on campuses all across the country. From the 5,000-person Power Shift summit on climate change in Maryland in 2007 to the 2,000-person march for voting rights in Prairie View, Texas in 2008, young adults aren’t sitting on the sidelines of the most important fights – they’re leading them.

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What the Internet Teaches Us About Designing Good Direct Mail

For years, my firm has been a leading direct mail company for Democratic organizations and candidates. We have worked for the AFL-CIO, all three of the national Democratic committees and hundreds of candidates for office. We think we know what we are doing and how to reach voters with a piece of mail. But this past year, we learned some lessons and we learned them in a surprising place.

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Overcome your Fears & Become a Great Speaker

Think about how often you successfully communicate your ideas to loved ones, co-workers, or acquaintances. You make a simple point. You choose language that they understand and to which they can relate. You answer their objections satisfactorily.

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