Focusing Your Campaign through Polling & Focus Groups

When every fledgling campaign comes into existence, it soon realizes two important things. First, the opposing campaign is not the only competition it faces, and second, that having the best qualified candidate doesn’t guarantee success. The primary reasons for both phenomena are essentially the same: it is getting more difficult to reach people. As a result, sometimes the campaign that wins isn’t always the one with the best candidate, but is the one with the best message and strategy for communicating it!

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Five Team Members Every Campaign Needs

One of the most important parts of any campaign organization is the campaign team those individuals that the candidates relies on to carry the campaign to victory. While all campaigns are different, and thus have different needs when it comes to campaign organization, there are five positions that must be filled on any campaign, no matter how small.

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Fine Tuning Your Presentation

How to prepare introductions:
Often the hardest part of making a presentation is getting started. Once you begin, adrenaline kicks in, you become excited talking about your topic, and you find that the experience is actually enjoyable. Following are five easy ways to begin a presentation.

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FEC Reporting Made Easy (or at least easier), Part II

While good campaign management software can make it easier to file FEC reports (see part I of my article), there are some things you should do regardless of how good your software is.

A few simple checks will help keep you out of trouble and avoid the need to file amendments of FEC reports.

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How to Choose the Right Political Consultant

How do you choose the right political consultant for your campaign? In short, interview thoroughly. Do not hire strictly on the advice of a close friend or relative or someone you know who once hired a consultant. What was best for them might not be best for you.

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Getting the Strong Urge to Run? Get Started Right After Election Day

As we approach yet another Election Day, all politically-minded eyes are focused on this year’s big races. There are a small number of people, though, who have already begun to look beyond Election Day: next year’s candidates. For them, while this year’s campaigns are important, the most important campaign, their own, is just beginning.

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How to Find & Mobilize Young Voters I: Voter Registration

Registration is the best get-out-the-vote tactic around: in 2004, 82% of registered 18-29 year olds voted. If you’re in a tight race and need a way to create more votes, register young adults. It’s cost-effective and it works.

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Listen to Off-Year Issue Campaigns To Help Form Your Election Message

In getting ready for next year’s races, we should all take note of what is going on right now on issues voters are seeing play out right now. Issue campaigns in off-years can provide clues as to what might drive voter decisions on Election Day – even if it is over a year away. Remember, voters always remember your positions and so do your opponents.

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Keeping Political Campaign Email out of the Junkmail Box

Effective communication has always been the key to a successful election campaign and in the electronic age, email has increasingly emerged as an efficient, low-cost medium for doing just that. Unfortunately, if your campaign staff is not sufficiently aware of the pitfalls posed by spam filters, your carefully crafted email message may simply end up in the intended recipient’s Junk Folder.

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Howard Dean's Screaming TV Blunder

In many Presidential campaigns, there is one major blunder that is hammered home by the media, and that incident often ends that person’s presidential bid. Some classics: Governor Dukakis wearing a helmet and riding the tank; Senator Muskie crying at a news conference after a newspaper printed derogatory statements about his wife, and the classic, Senator Gary Hart and his playboy antics on that aptly named boat, “The Monkey Business.” This year it was the Howard Dean Iowa pep rally, now dubbed the “I Have a Scream” speech.

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