Getting the Strong Urge to Run? Get Started Right After Election Day

As we approach yet another Election Day, all politically-minded eyes are focused on this year’s big races. There are a small number of people, though, who have already begun to look beyond Election Day: next year’s candidates. For them, while this year’s campaigns are important, the most important campaign, their own, is just beginning.

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Fine Tuning Your Presentation

How to prepare introductions:
Often the hardest part of making a presentation is getting started. Once you begin, adrenaline kicks in, you become excited talking about your topic, and you find that the experience is actually enjoyable. Following are five easy ways to begin a presentation.

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Campaign Database 101

Gone are the days where a campaign was run off an ever-expanding collection of spreadsheets and business card catalogues. Like any other high-intensity collaborative effort in our interconnected, “always-on” world, today’s modern political campaign must be supported by a relational database, with online and multi-channels accessibility (via web-browser, mobile-optimized web application, or a native smart-phone app) an absolute must.

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Running A Campaign FAQ

You’ve already done the heavy lifting of deciding to manage a campaign. Good for you! Now comes the hard part – hiring. This is not meant to serve as a “Campaign How-To”, this is more of an “Campaign FAQ”. We figure you’ve come this far and found us, you must know enough, but maybe need some guidance.

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Web-based Software in the Political World

Since the early days of professional campaign management, political operatives have been interested in data management — tracking voters, donors and opinion leaders have been key to a successful campaign. Early data management technology generally consisted of an alphabetized set of index cards.

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