Campaign Database 101

Gone are the days where a campaign was run off an ever-expanding collection of spreadsheets and business card catalogues. Like any other high-intensity collaborative effort in our interconnected, “always-on” world, today’s modern political campaign must be supported by a relational database, with online and multi-channels accessibility (via web-browser, mobile-optimized web application, or a native smart-phone app) an absolute must.

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Door-to-Door canvassing… gone paperless.

With advances in mobile smart-phone technology being what they are, and the near ubiquity of their adoption, Aristotle’s research and development teams are doing everything they can to render printed walk-sheets a thing of the past. Powered by our national voter-file distribution platform,, and our cutting-edge voter identification and mobile canvassing suite in VoterIQ, campaigns across the nation are saying good-bye to the old ‘print-and-scan’ walk-lists of yester-year.

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Event Management… Now Without The Stacks of Printouts

With Aristotle, we’ve made it easy for you to remain always connected to your data and bring the campaign wherever it needs to be. Using the mobile-optimized web applications and credit card scanning app from Square, both fully supported by the iOS and Android web-browsers, your campaign team can act, fundraise, and recruit in real time… without the need for costly and time-intensive data-entry back at the campaign HQ.

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Real-time Bundler Tracking

Candidate Johnson, of the insurgent Johnson for Congress 2012, is amongst friends. The high-dollar donor dinner just ended and he’s now making the rounds to all those in attendance.

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