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Aristotle offers high-quality voter matching services for political organizations, non-profits, PACs, campaigns, consultants, and governmental agencies. Aristotle will take your in-house file and append extensive information from our voter file, such as which individuals are registered to vote, age, party affiliation, voter history – including absentee voters – and individuals who are considered to be Super-voters. With Aristotle’s Suppression Matching service, you can match your list to our voter file and pull out records that you may want to exclude from your database. This is beneficial for organizations who want to exclude known Democrats or Republicans from their list.

Aristotle’s Comprehensive Voter Database

Aristotle’s unique database consists of over 190 million voters. We take the time to compile the list of registered voters from the 4,000 election boards, county clerks and Board of Registrars who maintain this information. Every one of the 190 million records is checked for accuracy. All information provided by the election boards, such as, race, exact age, vote history, and school board district are incorporated in to the database.

Aristotle appends telephone numbers for phone banks and cleanses the addresses through the postal service’s National Change of Address program and the Social Security Administration file flagging moved and deceased voters.

In addition to base information, the company has added new demographic fields.

U.S. Data Coverage

By adding over 100 enhancements to our files and allowing clients to access the data online using various file formats, Aristotle provides a convenient and cost effective way for political organizations to utilize data to reach their targeted audiences.

Use of and access to voter list data is restricted in some jurisdictions. For information, contact an Aristotle representative. Searching for individual voters is not available, and voter names and addresses are not visible during your searches.

Be sure to contact Aristotle Data for more specific queries to its nationwide Enhanced Voter List.

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