Campaign Manager™

A PACs Seamless Solution with Software

Campaign Manager is your fundraising, donor management and compliance reporting weapon. It is everything you need to run a successful campaign.

  • Dynamic profiles
  • Responsive design
  • Communication tracking
  • Donor history tracking
  • Financial and accounting reports
  • Call sheets
  • Credit card contributions processing
  • FEC and state filing
  • Compliance evaluation™

Instantly access a highly customized voter list anytime, anywhere from a national voter file of over 190 million registered voters that is enhanced with phones, demographics, and lifestyle information. With a database of over 205 million consumer files and a donation file that exceeds 80 million donations, is your 24/7 source for political and non-political data.

  • National voter file of over 190 million registered voters
  • Create voter profile from over 500 data points
  • Enhance existing data

Aristotle Mobile Processor (AMP)™

AMP™ is the leading mobile fundraising platform for campaigns. Receive contributions anytime, anywhere. Features include:

  • Link to campaign database
  • Instantly check millions of prior contributions
  • Receive contributions anytime, anywhere

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